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No job too small

Odd-Jobz is a small Home Renovation company based in Ottawa. We specialize in delivering cost-effective solutions to homeowners on a budget. We offer a wide range of both interior and exterior services to both residential and commercial customers.

Since 2015, our professional staff has addressed a wide range of repairs and maintenance needs at competitive rates. If you need any repairs, renovations, or upgrades, call Odd-Jobz.

Our Services Include


At ODD-JOBZ, we build high-quality decks, fences, custom built-ins, cabinets, shelving, closets, and other home infrastructure upgrades. Our team is skilled in woodworking and we take pride in our work.

Basic Maintenance

At ODD-JOBZ, our team includes professionals authorized to take on any of these jobs because most renovations and even smaller home maintenance projects require the assistance of a professional due to safety reasons and to get the job done in the right way.


At ODD-JOBZ, we have experience with all types of flooring including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, or laminate.

Property Clearance

At ODD-JOBZ, we collaborate with freehold property owners, landlords, tenants, attorneys, and estate agents and can assist you with any kind of clearance you may require. Getting rid of everything on your property can be difficult and stressful that is why we are here. We provide services and complete the work with as little disruption as possible so that you can rely on us for your property clearance service.


At ODD-JOBZ, we can tile kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, shower and bathtub surround, tile floors, and grout and caulk tiled areas, among other things.


At ODD-JOBZ, we design landscapes for beautiful and optimal results that raise property value and enhance curb appeal. Our professional landscapers build and maintain flowers and gardens and trim overgrown hedges to give a property the fascinating look.

Dry Wall

At ODD-JOBZ, we install drywall by framing or carpentry, depending on the space, then installing the drywall, taping, which is necessary to flatten any holes or dents in the wall, and finally sanding down the wall for the final touches of repair. Our skilled professionals will hang drywall with a professional touch for all of your home renovation projects, including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and more.


At ODD-JOBZ, we provide painting services for residential and commercial properties.

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